Cover up

I   am the swan swimming in your veins I am the missing piece

I am the whisper in the empty hall, the dripping ink
I’m the secret room behind your bedroom wall I am the missed call
I’m that stain that doesn't blend that bitter end you cant shake off
And when I fold the center will not hold

All the horizons withdraw all conclusions were made
you’ve measured everything 
And though the wasteland grows you try your best to make believe
You walk along the walls of your empty mind
wondering what you left behind 
Your steps are just a fragment of my lingering requiem
And when I fold the center will not hold


    n the last day of summer I step outside and shed my skin
Theres a foreign halo kindling every grain of sand
All the people come undone, realize they lost their old names
Wander off to find their mothers womb
When spring arrives a poisoned wind blows through the sleepy town
I watch them draw the final lines
All the people gather around, realize they need a new name
And chase their shadow back into the night
Cover up when the day is done, If you've seen enough
The rivers roll into the ocean, but the ocean’s never full.
On the last day of winter fires blaze across the plains
if you don't want to be consumed you better hide your love away
And see them oiling godly guns to make sure no one sees the shame
and drown out all their doubts in pools of victory and blood
Cover up when the day is done, If you've seen enough
The rivers roll into the ocean, but the ocean’s never full.

1          Entertainment


The plague has come at last

we weren't quite prepared

we thought we had the cure

It made us think again


It snapped us into two 

it showed us who is the boss

Then nailed grannie and grandpa 

tight onto the cross

And though we are so anxious

that well be the next patient

we also god-damn love this

breathtaking entertainment.

2           Pay Up


The plague outside is raging

consuming old and young

she's holding down our hubris

she's biting off his tongue


We try and ask for mercy

it seems she isn't moved.

We try to fight her back

She seems to be amused.


She knows we just don't get it

she sees we don't regret

she's here to cut the middleman

and make us pay the debt.

3           The Poet Speaks


The plague is coming to flatten the land 

To snap the old chains of supply and demand

It slides into lungs, it burns from inside

you better be sure we are in for a ride


The plague is coming to show the king is naked

well run as fast as we can but some will not make it

and on their death bed they'll just have to wonder 

why they've given their life to this strange world order


The plague is coming with a sword and a tale

of the good earth we're turning from heaven to hell

of a deadly parade to an undefined goal

oh we've known for a while we will pay for it all.


the plague is rolling out, running over our faith 

that we're running the show, that we're setting the pace

That our petty convenience is the final redemption

that we are the answer to the question of questions


The plague is coming and this time its bad

Take care of your neighbor, make sure you call dad

if you're on of the luckies you might have insurance 

and if you are not you were probably useless


The plague has arrived and at times such as these

all sorts of fake prophets and poets appear

And since Dr. Fauci advised I stay in

I wrote me some poems. Is that such a sin?


4         The Lovers Dream


I dreamt I was corona,

and you were with your man.

I sneaked through your left nostril,

when he woke up you were gone.


5        An Answer to a Proposal


Fauci said the end is far

so baby lets not rush

I'm not exactly saying no

but a wedding seems a bit much


6        NY Love in Times of Covid


I had to pick and choose

Between you and Johnny Roo

you have corona symptoms

but Johnny has them too


You got them in the airport

and Johnny in a cab

you're shivering with fever

and he keeps throwing up


I do not take this lightly

I had to act with speed 

Where should I get my virus?

With who to quarantine?


Now Johnny has a big screen

but you have fancy wine

he has his three cute kittens

but your Labrador is quite fine


Your windows have the best view

but he gets morning light

we have great conversations

but Johnny's abs are tight


But none of this is crucial

on these tumultuous weeks.

My mind should stop this chatter,

my heart it needs to speak.


So if i'm calling from his bedroom

Its not 'cause of your fever 

It's just that there's Chinese food down the block

and these guys still deliver.



Swan Song



    n the edge of your slumber remains a piece of that picture
That see-sawed departure, That circuit you’ve missed
It tip toes around you as you crash down on your pillow
If you try to remember you will always forget

And right now the night is moving fast
breaking faith fazing pulses and blood, stealing names
and I need a reason

With the suitcases packed she sits and stares at the door
theres no turning back once you've seen there was more
she doesn't care that she's losing all that she's got
Though she said shell remember she already forgot

And right now the night is moving fast
breaking faith fazing pulses and blood, stealing names
and I need a reason

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